Sue Sommer Sue Portrait
Sue At The Park

Whether you are booking a Christian concert, a retreat, or a Sunday morning worship service, you can be assured that Sue Sommer is an artist dedicated to providing a professional, God-inspired performance. The gift God has given Sue is a personality that reaches right out to where the people are, embracing them with His Love, and sharing His word. Sue's goal when she sings is to pull the person right into the song so they connect with the words. The result? Walls tumble, facades melt, people are encouraged and they experience the Holy Spirit.

But Sue Sommer is ... more than music. Sue has several other ministies including: a Singles Ministry where Sue's message on being single in today's world provides an encouraging look at life as a single. [Learn More], and, a Life Issues Ministry where Sue helps Christians with life issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationships. Sue provides the music, the program, and the speakers to make this a truly special event. [Learn More]

Any woman who knows Sue Sommer at her home church in Coral Springs, Florida, also knows about her Sommer Sleepovers, because they are always a well attended and extremely popular retreat. Sue is an expert at planning a retreat for women where you will be truly pampered, refreshed,and rejuvinated, and it will give you an opportunity to draw closer to God. But Sue doesn't limit her Sommer Sleepovers to South Florida. She can host a Sommer Sleepover in your area too.[Learn More]

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